Healing Circle

Energy Therapy, Tantra: Sexual Healing,



Born in Colombia, biologist, and Ph.D. in the field of plant molecular biology; during the last 20 years Miguel has explored and practiced several body work techniques like Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Yoga, Feldenkreis, eutonie, kinesiology, as well as other healing tools like alchemy, spagyrics, tarot, alchemical bone structure (SOA), and tantric massage. Certified Tai chi instructor from l'école de la voie intérieure (France); he has been teaching this internal martial art for the last 14 years, and works as a tantric masseur.

The art of Chi is a body work method for the improvement of health and well being. It is nourished by traditional Chinese internal arts such as Tai Chi Chuan, Chi Kong and massages. Chi awareness and practice allows us to listen to ourselves and to listen to others; it invites us to recover the child's attitude, who marveled at the world, uses his body to discover and develop life.
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