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Energy Therapy, Soul Reading, Spiritual Couching, Tantra: Sexual Healing,



Founder of Caring Healing, David is currently dividing his time between Brussels, Belgium and Foligno, Italy, where he works as energy dynamics coach and psychic intuitive healer and sexual healer using different techniques such as the PCI Guided therapy, Obsidian therapy, Alchemical protocols, Tantra and individual channeling coaching sessions. He gives tantric and energy healing workshops in Belgium and in Mexico.

From a Mexican background. Graduated in Marketing and Business Administration from the Universidad Panamericana (Mexico) and an MBA Internship in the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana (USA). Always interested this "hidden world", he has participated in various seminars and workshops with the teacher Ana Silvia Serrano (Mexico) amongst them; Healing with Obsidian Geometries Barcelona (2007), Kundalini Massage, Montserrat, Spain (2008), Shamanic retreats in Montserrat, Spain (2008, 2009). He has also participated in several workshops offered by GSL and in the two year training of ?Sacred Intimate? ) (2009-2011).
Visit his new website at eilumdavid.com
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