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Tantric Session | Tantric Massage | Full Immersion Retreat

Tantric Healing Session

This is a dynamic session where techniques and experiences are tailored to meet your specific needs to reconnect with your sexuality, body, heart and spirit. I will facilitate and guide you through this experience as your partner. It might include bodywork, breathing techniques, energy work, erotic touch and lingam and anal massage. Nudity is part of the body.

Re-patterning the body through loving touch can be an experience needed for the spiritual souls that have discover the bliss of the heart and spirit but that need to dive back into the concrete luscious reality the daily living in a Body. Love is the container for this pampering experience. You can chose an issue to address or you can just immerse yourself into experience and let yourself be carried by the moment of what is occurring for you in this exchange.

Duration: 2 hours
Price 240 EUR


Tantric Massage

We use the body as a gateway to reconnect with our life force and to expand the awareness of our own body, heart and spirit. Wrapped in a safe and intimate environment, during this erotic massage we arouse the sexual energy to bring it to the rest of your body and to open the heart to better aspects of yourself through touch and massage and pleasure.

This massage is a whole body oil massage including lingam (penile massage) and rosebud or anal massage if desired. You can always decide what to include or not in the massage beforehand or be open to receive whatever is there for you in the precise moment and be pleasantly surprised.

Duration: 90 minutes
Price: 160 EUR


Full Personal Immersion


A very private and personal space for those who are interested in going deeper into the knowledge of their own self, their bodies and sexuality, their emotions, and their over soul or fifth dimensional self, in all experiencing their multidimensional self.
The program of this personal weekend is “tailored to measure” which helps you to experience, develop and discover any specific subject you desire. Or, if you like, you can surrender to the adventure that Spirit will unfold for you during your precious weekend.

Tantric and shamanic rituals, body work, sound healing and channeling meditations are part of the tools to be used during this weend.

Only 10 sessions are available in 2015

Timetable: From Friday 15h to Sunday at 15h

This personal weekend unfolds in the unbeatable surroundings of the Umbrian Valley at Spello, at the Agriturismo “Le Due Torri” surrounded by the fields of its organic farm, only 12km from the hills of Assisi.

To ensure the quality of my work and to clear the intention of these sessions, I am asking possible participants interested, to send an e-mail with a brief description of your motives and intention to take on this experience. Please contact David for further detaiils clicking the button below

I'd like to thank you with all my heart for all the good things our energy therapy sessions have brought me.I always feel very safe and secure, always protected by the kind and loving environment you create during these sessions.The information you offer, the questions you ask, have, every time again, handed me something new, something that led me to new insights. Dear David, you are one of the most generous and most loving persons I know, you have been, and will always be a guide to me. Thank you very much. Love, Dirk.
A massage definitely out of the ordinary! An experience that connects body and soul. An energy that raises up, warms up your body and stays with you for days!
Life is still a loving experience. Thank you David for making me realize and understand...
Thank you for the amazing Workshop in Cologne. Lots of love, P
I have never felt that I was willing and trusted someone that much as David...he has an art of getting you to open up and to feel what he is doing and what you are feeling yourself. It is an amazing experience and I have already booked my next appointment. I will hate not having him in the U.S. upon my return
I enjoyed this session of erotic touch enormously. After a couple of minutes all my naked senses were taken to a place I've never been before, a lush place of everlasting complete eternal bliss... time dissolved into an intense energy wave. The masseur's skills and professionalism will expand your sexual energy, he will make you float for days.
I was terribly overstressed and couldn't focus anymore. In an energy therapy session David immediately figured out what was wrong with me. He had never seen me in that state before and worked the excess of energy out of the wrong places in my body. An hour later I was totally relaxed and saw all the problems in a total different perspective.
I got a massage two days ago and I'm still thinking about how nice it was. I trusted David completely and discovered sensations I didn't know existed... Please try him! you'll discover your body again :)
I am a pretty curious guy always looking for some new experiences. Few months ago I booked an energy therapy session. It relaxed me first and started moving the energy in my body. My eyes were closed most of the time and without him touching me , I really felt energy moving in my body.... For some years I had some digestion problems that i didn't mention to him, but the day after they were resolved. So he advised to take the missing information in the form of a plant extract in my body also orally.... Peter.

This can be worked individually and in couples.

Therapist David Therapist


Founder of Caring Healing, David is currently dividing his time between Brussels, Belgium and Foligno, Italy, where he works as energy dynamics coach and psychic intuitive healer and sexual healer using different techniques such as the PCI Guided therapy, Obsidian therapy, Alchemical protocols, Tantra and individual channeling coaching sessions...

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Therapist David Therapist


For over 10 Years Thorsten has studied different Body, Spirit, Soul and Naturophatic treatments...

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Therapist David Therapist


Born in Colombia, biologist, and Ph.D. in the field of plant molecular biology; during the last 20 years Miguel has explored and practiced several body work techniques like Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Yoga, Feldenkreis, eutonie, kinesiology, as well as other healing tools like alchemy, spagyrics, tarot, alchemical bone structure (SOA), and tantric massage...

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After practicing massage for several years in Brussels, it became clear to me the desire to share my experience gained over the years, with like minded people...

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Therapist David Therapist


From a family of therapeutic massage practitioners, I have gradually acquired a taste for sensual massage that I have practiced for several years, with passion...

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