frequently Asked Questions


1.- What is Tantra and what could I learn from it?

antra is actually a Sanskrit word, a sacred language from the Hinduisim. Literally it would mean wave, spread something that continues expanding like creation itself. It speaks about the creative force, the life energy that gives birth to all creation.
So in practical terms tantra is a way to experience and use of our life force creatively contained in our sexuality. It helps us to reconnect our physical and spiritual realities within. To recall the experience of the divine beings we are living an experience in a human body. It brings us closer to whom we really are pure love and joy, passionate for life expressed through a manifested (material) world. We become more aware and more fulfilled seeing the limitless boundaries of our own creative potential.

2.- Does a tantric session mean a sexual encounter?

No, it means an encounter of yourself with your own sexual energy where the inmate catalyzes and facilitates this experience for you. In this context there is of course a great deal of body touch and intimate contact to help you in your experience. The facilitator becomes a sacred intimate for you throughout the experience of pleasure in trust and heart connection.

3.- How can I prepare for it?

In your body please come freshly showered, but you can always use our facilities at the practice room.
In your mind, just try to be sincere to yourself to express what you really want, open and welcome all that you are. You are safe.

4.- What happens if I have an erection?

During the session every reaction of your body is welcomed and accepted. It is great to have an erection during the session but it also good if it does not happen.

5.- Is ejaculation allowed?

We invite the person to experience and feel the difference of our sexual energy when is keep circulating in our bodies without a release in an ejaculation but this is not a rule as such. We are open to hold any situation that arises without any moral judgment.

6.- Can I interact with the facilitator?

You can of course interact with him, touch and feel the facilitator. In any case the facilitator will show gently his personal boundaries during the session that allow him to comfortably keep focusing on you while working with you during the session.

7.- In the session are we both naked?

Yes and it is recommended. However it is not compulsory and you can ask the facilitator to keep his clothes on.

8.- Why do you talk about sex and spirituality?

For a long time due to social and religious ideas, sex has been looked at as a lowest and conspicuous way to express ourselves. Thus, dividing ourselves into two separated beings; a sexual being who feels the pulsations of desire and a spiritual one who relates to the divine and tries to sublimate physical love and deny it. With our tantric practices we intent to bridge together, the spiritual, divine and the physical or material realms. In this sense we become more authentic, integrated and true to our real nature of spiritual beings in a human body allowing ourselves to live our life with passion and joy.

9.- Does age matter?

You only have to be of course above 18 years old but there is no limit on the other end.

10.- What sexual issues can it help me to resolve?

  • Anal relaxation
  • Erection problems
  • Early ejaculation problems.
  • Integrate heart energy and spirituality into your sexuality
  • Explore, live and free emotional burdens in a safe space where the healer acts as a physical container for the other.

11.- On what other issues, not directly related to sex, can a tantric session help?

  • Low self esteem related to body acceptance
  • Fear of intimacy, closeness and touch.
  • Lack of trust on yourself and others.
  • Free yourself form the victim role and reclaim your birth right and power to feel and live your live and pleasure, especially for people who have had sexual abuse experiences.

12.- Do all tantric workshops require nudity?

All of them do but in normally in specific stages of each workshop.

13.- I am afraid of being nude in front of a group but I want to participate in a workshop how can I overcome this fear?

Being aware of your fear is the first step. During the workshops each person can go at his own pace and you are not obliged to be naked. Moreover, we enter into nudity through a process that gradually leads you to feel comfortable in your own skin.

14.- Can we come to a workshop as a couple?

Yes it is possible to come as a couple and work with your partner during the whole workshop or move around with other partners is always your own choice

15.- Can I come to a workshop as a single?

Yes, workshops are a great place to meet like-minded men and experience together a profound experience during the process of the workshop.

16.- Can I choose a partner for the exercises during workshops?

Normally our mind sets our preferences and desires, since we are here to expand our limitations we most of the times let the luck decide who works with whom during the workshop. The only thing to do is to trust that no matter how your partner looks like it is the best for you at that moment. Living the present.

17.- What is energy, why is important?

The basic energy of love or light, the prime matter in its purest form is the basis that pervades all universe, manifested (material) and non-manifested (etheric) . Thus as part of the creation we could restore our natural birthright of well being and happiness by managing our own energy and making it working properly again

18.- What exactly happens during an PCI / energy therapy session?

To begin, we will have a little chat, see what is your concern for the session and to put an intention upfront if there is one. If you don’t have one, your higher self will set the purpose of your visit during the session.

Later on, you do not need to do much; you should just lie down on a massage table and close your eyes while you relax and breath. The healer will then go step-by-step going around your body with his hands and fingers, channeling energy and information that your energetic system needs. He might also use the language of cards (tarot or Hebrew letters), elixirs and stones depending on each person and place it on your body. When the session finishes you need to rest from 5 to 10 minutes before getting up and the healer will then verbalize whatever information you need to know about your session.

Cleansing symptoms can be felt on the days after a session, like a sudden cold, diarrhea or just emotional release and memories coming back to your mind.

19.- How would a channeling / soul reading session will look like?

A channel happens in the form of a verbal communication, you need just to be present and relax, You can choose the best position for you either laying down or sitting is fine. The channeler will sit next to you and after listening to your question he will connect an start talking as the information flow comes. It is much like listening to a streaming audio.

20.- What answers can a soul reading / channel can give me?

Answers can range for very practical situations in your world/experience such as work, relationships or money to more in detail energy dynamics within you related to what you desire in your life and what your life’s brings you in reality. It is also great for clarifying intense or difficult emotional times.

For spiritual seekers it can give insights on why are you here on Earth at this time, your purpose and how to explore your full potential as a human being.